OOTD 0.5 Thrift finds for Summer time


I went on a little thrift shopping last week and found some great finds! I think more than half of my closet is from a thrift store. You can find some awesome pieces and it’s such a thrill looking for treasures.

Check out what I got:

  1. I was SUPER elated when I saw this because I originally wanted to purchase this at my local h&m but I never came around to it. Eventually this line had to leave the rack and the shelves of the store and I was saddened by it. But patience, I guess, is a virtue! It was meant to be, HUZZAH! DSC06972_edited_editedDSC06973_edited_editedDSC06974_edited_edited
  2. I love random patterns, so I couldn’t say no to these pants. It is definitely not mundane but it isn’t too unappealing to the eyes either. I like that it has neutral darker colours to pair with a lighter top to match. The funny part is that once I examined the pants more closely and checked the tags, I realized that these were maternity pants! Although, I don’t see myself becoming pregnant in the near future, I still couldn’t say no!! (Also, the bottom photo TOTALLY looks like it’s checking out the top photo. Despite knowing this, I’m deliberately keeping it the way it is because it’s more fun.)DSC06981_editedDSC06980_edited
  3. I love long skirts that practically sweep the floor. Its a 2 in 1 kind of clothing: it looks good on you and it cleans my floor. I love the pattern on this! Additionally, it is perfect for summer. (Also, this car that I’m obviously flirting with is the best car I’ve ever owned. It is my baby.)
  4. DSC06976_edited_editedDSC06975_edited_edited

I absolutely loved putting these outfits together!! I’m excited to show you other thrifted finds.

White long sleeve: Topshop





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