OOTD 0.4 Bold colours & patterns


With our beautiful weather finally here (and hopefully here to stay) I thought I’d show you four outfits that I put together that accompanies bolder pieces. My style needs that exciting element intertwined with neutral colours. I have a lot of random and abstract clothes that stands out from the rest of the crowd. I enjoy unconventional patterns that isn’t suitable for Vancouver (although I recently walked around downtown Vancouver and the amount of amazing unconventional fashionable people walking around is vast!).

Here are my two cents…or in this case four outfits:

  1. Excess patterned cardigan:

When my eyes first landed on this piece of clothing I thought, “noo, I can’t spend anymore money,” and yet it came home with me because what the heck! I thrifted it. The excess pattern not only caught my eye but I was drawn to the variety. I like pieces that make you think or make you question it. Excess patterns gives me opportune challenge to create an outfit based on it.  (Cardigan – thrifted, crop top – thrifted, shorts – bought in Zambia)



2. Watercolour pattern cardigan

Apart from the two tails hanging off my forehead I really enjoyed this look! It is very summery. This cardigan is from my mom’s closet and I’ve always looked at it on a hanger with my head tilted. Seeing it this way has definitely changed my outlook on this piece. I’m glad I skipped wearing the matching pants. This is definitely a cardigan for business meetings but I thought I’d give it a modern look by pairing it with neutral pieces. I love the water colour pattern. The colours are excessive but the mixture of the blue/green tones with the yellow is just right, making it appealing to the eyes. (Cardigan — mom’s closet, bando – Garage, black skirt – h&m)


3. Looks like my grandma’s table cloth cardigan

Bringing out this vintage top again! Pairing it this time with a long blue skirt. It is more of a conservative hipster look. Next time I would wear my boathouse shoes or a pair of loafers and add a black watch with round glasses. As mentioned on my Instagram posts of this top, I chopped off about three inches from the bottom and took off the collar on this thing to make it a little bit more “me” and modern. I loved how it turned out and how versatile it can be. (Top – thrifted, skirt – forever21)


4. Pastel Crayola cardigan

Next and last outfit brings out another blinding top. I’d say it is a “sweetheart” type of look. I like it but it looks super sweet, cotton candy sweet, and I enjoy being a little bit more ‘sour’ — maybe one of those sour key suckers. Anyway, I love the pattern on this one. It’s so random and unique. It looks like something I would have painted when I was 4 years old and my mom loved the painting so much she printed it on a shirt and voila this is the final product. That would be a good story. (Top – mom’s closet, skirt – h&m)

I’m still debating whether to chop the sleeves off this or make it into something else completely. DSC06779_editedDSC06753_edited_edited2DSC06763_edited_edited

Apart from this run off the mill backyard venue for a photoshoot, I enjoyed putting these together and shooting them! I have an array of ensembles — enough for a parade I might add…or rather a very small fashion show — to further blog about. I also thrifted a bunch of items and I’m elated to share them!

**Yellow head scarf: I made from a pair of shorts haha





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