OOTD 0.3 Biigggg coat


I went thrift shopping recently and I seriously want to do a haul video because the pieces that I’ve found are so good. I’m really excited to show them. I wanted to wait to reveal this big oversized coat that I found at Salvation Army.

Firstly, let’s start with the ensemble. My top is also thrifted from Salvation Army. I love how basic it is but the letters across the chest. It’s very soft and loose which makes for a great pairing with any kind of bottom!

The pants I purchased some years ago at h&m. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with these pants. There was a point where I wanted to let go of them but I just love the pattern so much. I like how different it is and it gives a watercolour look to it that I don’t see in a lot of pants.

Finally, this ridiculous coat. I don’t even know where to begin because I looked at it and told it to shut up. I didn’t know whether I loved it or it needed to get buried somewhere but you know what? It is such a unique, weird, lovely, ridiculous piece of clothing. When I look at this, I see old New York or I see one of the characters from the movie RENT!

I’m still confused with it because I don’t know what people will think whilst I walk around town strutting this big coat. I feel as though it belonged to a very fashion forward grandmother but she decided to get rid of it when she saw Macklemore singing about thrifting that one time (haha just kidding). Anyway, all weirdness and jokes aside, I love things that have that special flavour; it makes a piece more unique.


I’d love to know if anyone is into these kinds of pieces and how they would style them up! Also, my hideous socks is the worst! I forgot to change into black ones but I think I’ll live.

Photo cred: MJ Suyom // Insta: mjbestores

Top: thrifted
Pants: h&m
Coat: Salvation Army




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