OOTD 0.2 City adventures


This post is a continuation from the recent blog post on photo adventures. I wanted to show you my outfit from that day that my friend Michaela had taken photos of (bless her).

Before I leave my home I want to make sure that my outfit reflects good vibes. What I mean is that I’m not doubting the outfit I’ve put together — it just needs to feel right. I know that sounds a little obsessive but I take my attire a bit more seriously than the majority of people. What I wear gives me an extra boost of confidence to seize the day. It means that even if at some point during the day, things starts going downhill (because let’s face it that is just life) I still look on point!

This outfit is very simple. I didn’t want to add too much colours in there that day to not stand out because I actually had work. I think what I enjoy the most is pairings different items together.

On top I have my over sized buttoned up which fits just right. I like wearing things that are a bit more baggy. I just love that over sized style but there’s always a hit and miss when it comes to a piece of clothing that you’re drowning in.

The second piece underneath is a sleeveless stripe dress with a bit of a turtle neck. I love this piece. I absolutely adore stripes and this is definitely a staple piece in my closet. Because of its neutral colour I can match it up with brighter pieces. I can also create a formal attire or a casual one such the outfit below!


I did some thrifting the other day and got a load of items that I can’t wait to show you!! I’m thinking of creating a video for it so we’ll see what the future holds.

All photos were shot by Michaela // Insta: @michaelahhhh

Button Up: Mom’s closet

Stripe dress: Forever21

Harmonica necklace: Powell’s City of Books, Portland

Keds shoes: thrifted




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