Out and about: city adventures


My friend Michaela and I decided we need to get our photography skills on a different level (white Gandalf level) because at the moment our knowledge is just a little above that of a typical tourist. Together we went on a city adventure looking for structures and spaces to photograph. I admit I’m no expert but we are ready to commit to further our abilities in this craft. Photography is such a great creative outlet and there is so much more to it than the basics.

Going around the city for a few hours gave us the chance to play with the ISO and the aperture depending on the shadows and the lighting. As the sun set, it helped us also understand what we require to change in order for our photos to come out just right – not too exposed and not too dark. Even though I think I have the perfect lighting down when I get home, some photos are slightly blurred despite me being very careful! I suppose this means more practice and more learning for moi.

Here are the results of what I took in our mini adventure:


We enjoyed this so much that we didn’t realize two hours had passed. I can’t wait for the next city we hit up. We are creating a list of things for our next photo adventure so I’ll be posting more of those in the future.

If you know where these places are, let me know in the comments below 😉

Model: Michaela // Insta: michaelahhhh




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