OOTD 0.1 Old school Old Navy



I went out on the city and filmed a promo video for my friend who is a dancer. The sun was out with a nice continuous breeze. I didn’t want to wear less than what I was wearing because it was still quite chilly. Additionally, I was planning to stay out till late and I knew the temperature will drop.

The top is a simple cotton XL white tee with the logo “Old Navy Trademark” on the front. I actually found this in my mom’s closet. I really like it although I normally fit a small/medium which is why I had a knot on the side of the shirt. I thought I’d pair it up with this ankle length skirt because of its solid colour. The skirt was already so vibrant and I didn’t want to take the attention away from it. I thrifted this skirt for less than $5.00 which is such a steal. When I first purchased the skirt, it was buttoned up on the front and it was a little too big for my body. It felt like I was drowning in it and the fact that I’m quite small made me look disproportioned.

Originally, I was planning on making it into a pair of pants. I think it would look cute with the print but instead I kept it as a skirt. The only difference as you can see in the photos is that I unbuttoned the skirt. It gives it a more flowy vibe. Furthermore, I hemmed the sides of the skirt about an inch on both sides so now it looks more fitting.

I wore the gray mini skirt inside because I wanted to keep this outfit light and summery. I know grey isn’t a summer colour per se but any other colour wouldn’t work with the ensemble. This kept it neutral in contrast to the long skirt!


I think I will keep the skirt this way and play with different pairings until I get bored and decided to sew it into pants!

Choker: Topshop

Shirt: my mom’s closet

Mini skirt: H&M

Floor length skirt: thrifted

Keds: thrifted

Photo cred: MJ Estores // Instagram: @mjbestores

Can’t wait to pair up more of my thrifted finds!






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