Thrifting on the island: part 2

Whilst at Victoria island I could not help but visit a couple of thrift/vintage shops! There is an abundant of second hand shops in most cities but instead of letting Google tell me where to go, I asked a local! That lead me to Flavour Upstairs

What a cool and funky boutique! It definitely looked higher end than most shops I’ve been to because it looked like they took the time to make the place look grand and appealing. A separate rack is situated by the staircase filled with pieces of clothing that have been handpicked by staff. I wish I had purchased this one particular sweater from the rack but I passed through it — thrift regrets are quite disappointing.

They had large windows which brought in a great amount of sunlight making the whole store welcoming and pleasant. Their clothing is organized based on the type of garment (such as most stores) as well as by colour which I was thoroughly excited about because I’m a little obsessed with organization.

I browsed through a lot of clothes. My first round of fitting didn’t pan out well. I was conflicted because I like clothes that have a special ‘uhmph’ about it. Clothes that fit well and look good isn’t enough for me anymore. I try and find clothing that I can mix and match with the kind of closet I have or that I can repurpose or re-sew in the future. I want the clothes to commit to me as much as I’ll be committing to them haha!

My totally item count from Flavour Upstairs is 2 and spent $34.98



I found this gorgeous dress and thought of the numerous ways I could re-sew it!

Excited to dress these two up!! If you’re ever in Victoria, check out Flavour Upstairs on 579 Johnson St.

To more thrifting





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